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Teen Patti Super is a real cash-money gaming software. You can play this game Online|Offline

Play Private Game

You can play games with robots and increase your skills & sharp your mind.

Win Exciting Prizes

Play a real cash money game and earn exciting rewards in just a few seconds.

Easy Withdrawal

Withdrawal modes: Bank A/C and UPI. Both of the options offer safe and secure withdrawals.

Referral Benefits

To get the referral bonus, your friend must perform the actions mentioned on T & C.

Play With Friends

You can play with your friends online like a team & break the targets together.

How it works?

  • How to install? & How does ir works?

    Teen Patti Super is an online gaming platform. We provide multiple exciting real cash money games. Play your games like- Rummy, Ludo, Teen Patti, Poker, etc., and get a bonus or rewards, which was easily withdrawn from your Bank Account. You can easily install this game by following these steps:

    STEP 1

    Go to our website, Then click on the Download button

    STEP 2

    Then you will receive an APK file, Simply Install it in your Mobile & Register.

    STEP 3

    Now, Start playing your game & Earn exciting Rewards with joyful games.


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Q & A

TeenPatti Super is a gaming platform. In this platform you can play many exciting games, We provide skill-based games that spark joy in the everyday lives of people by engaging and entertaining them while they play & get a chance to receive a high volume of earnings which was easily withdrawn in your Bank account. What are you waiting for? Just go to our website and install the game & crack your targets now……
You can easily download this app from our website
First, go to google and search then visit our website.
Then click on the Download button.
Now you will get a notification your APK file download
Go to the file folder, and click the download option.
You can download this app on your Mobile or tab.
Open this app and register yourself by entering your name, number, e-mail
Let’s start playing and get exciting rewards .
Answer- Click on the wallet icon On the ‘My Wallet’ page, click on the ‘Withdraw’ button Now you will see two options; Bank & UPI. Click on the ‘Add’ button against the UPI option. Enter your UPI id in the space provided and click on ‘Proceed’. Where to check cashback offers? We always have cashback offers live on our app! You can check out the cashback offers while adding money to your wallet. Once you are on the ‘Add Money’ page, you can view all the cashback coupons available by swiping on them. Once you have decided which cashback coupon to use, just click on ‘Apply’ and the coupon will automatically be applied. Can I withdraw the entire wallet balance? No, you can only withdraw the ‘Winnings’, that is the money you won by playing games on our app. How to add my bank account? To add your bank account, you have to follow a few simple steps. Click on the wallet icon On the ‘My Wallet’ page, click on the ‘Withdraw’ button Now you will see two options; Bank & UPI. Click on the ‘Add’ button against the Bank option. Enter your account details in the space provided and click on ‘What is a ‘Wallet’? The wallet is the icon you see below your name along with an amount. Clicking on it will take you to the ‘My Wallet’ page which has details like your Added Amount, Winnings, Bonus, and Transaction History. Is it safe to add money to the wallet? Yes, adding money to your wallet is absolutely safe. We have partnerships with the best in the industry who ensure the money transactions are smooth and safe. You can add money using UPI, bank accounts, wallets, credit cards, and debit cards. I am not able to withdraw my Bonus Cash. Why? Bonus Cash is not withdrawable. A portion of your bonus cash along with your deposits is used for tournament registrations. How do I deposit money into my wallet? Depositing money into your wallet is very easy and safe. Here are the steps: Tap on your wallet > Click “Add” to deposit amount > Enter amount > Add play money > Complete transaction. Can I withdraw the money I deposited into my wallet? No, the amount that you deposit in your wallet can only be used to play games. You can withdraw your winnings anytime you like. How can I withdraw money? You can withdraw money from your Winnings. Your account should have at least a balance of ₹60 to make a withdrawal. What are the options for withdrawing my winnings? Currently, there are two withdrawal modes: Bank account and UPI. Both of the options offer safe and secure withdrawals. I want to deposit money into my wallet. What are the payment modes available? You can use UPI, bank account, wallets, credit cards, and debit cards to deposit your money into your wallet. It is 100% safe and secure! I am not able to use my coupon code. Can you help? Please recheck the coupon code or try selecting a coupon code from an available list of coupon codes. You can find all available coupon codes in the coupon section. You can swipe on the coupons to see which one you want to use. Click ‘Apply’ to check if your coupon is applicable. If not, adjust the amount or choose a different coupon. Where can I find details of my previous transactions? You can check your entire transaction history on the ‘My Wallet’ screen. Click on the “tournament history” section on the wallet screen to see all the transactions. Your transaction history will show you all information related to Added Amounts, Withdrawals, Entry fees, Refunds, Cashbacks, and Winnings. I’m getting “Error in Payment. Please Retry”. Please check your wallet. If the necessary amount hasn’t been added to your deposits, email us at Where will the cashback be deposited? Your cashback will be added to your Added Amount. If it’s a bonus cashback, the cashback amount will be deposited into your Bonus. I’m unable to find my preferred mode of payment. What are the other options I have? We support all major payment providers. If you find your preferred payment mode missing, please email us at and we would be happy to explore additional payment modes. Are my card details safe with your app? Yes, we ensure your card details and any other personal information are 100% secure and never shared with a third party. How do I receive a refund? If you registered for a tournament but could not get a table, the charged amount will be credited automatically to your deposit. How to add a UPI account? To add your UPI account, you have to follow a few simple steps. proceed to add your bank.

Stories Of Glory

  • User

    TeenPatti Super is a good platform for playing online ludo games, that gives you a chance to win real cash. The game is secure, with instant withdrawals. I am hooked on this online Ludo game by Game Star. Enjoying and winning cash!

    - karishma swapnil
  • User

    TeenPatti Super game is fantastic I have been playing this game for more than a year easy withdrawals cash transfers into the bank quickly...

    - Harish Sharma
  • User

    I have to say, I have played rummy on different sites, but I am very excited that I played it on TeenPatti Super. The experience is simply awesome. What is incredible is that I won Rs. 15,000 at the very first game on this platform. I am happy that the team congratulated me. A big Thank you to the TeenPatti Super team.”

    - Rameshwaram
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